You don't have to be a genius to Master Digital Marketing, let me show you how.

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Hi, my name's Daren Cox and I'm a digital business coach

Daren Cox Digital Business Coach

I help bloggers, startups and established businesses grow using digital marketing and sales automation technology.

Over the years, I've consulted for dozens of organisations from the smallest to the very largest.

If you need help growing your business, just click the button below to set up a free consultation or click here to find out more about me. 


Here's how I can help you succeed

Lead Generation

What business doesn't need more leads? Use a system that brings prospects to you. 

Sales Funnels

Move product without coming across as a pushy salesperson using marketing automations. 

Digital Coaching

Learn how to become the hero of your company by being a digital sales and marketing master. 

Did you know your business has changed?

From high street cafes to business consulting, almost every new business engagement these days can be traced back to an online search or digital ad click. If you want your business to keep growing, you must invest in the processes that capture and nurture these prospects. Digital is your new front door

What Works Digital - Charles Radclyffe Testimonial

Charles Radclyffe

TEDx Speaker and Innovation Consultant

"Working with Daren is probably the best business decision I ever made."

Chris Knight St Austell Brewery Testimonial

Chris Knight

Curator & PR Manager, St. Austell Breweries

"Daren delivers on so many different levels, from demystifying digital for beginners to defining best practice to make the web work for your business."

Sam Lamiroy - Pro Surfer

Sam Lamiroy

Pro-Surfer & Entrepreneur

"Since leaving the pro surfing circuit, I've been looking for a coach to help me develop my own digital business ideas. Daren's digital business coaching program has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to strike out and achieve my own digital ambitions."

Get a system that works

Learn how to grow your business using these three steps:

1. Get Found

Learn how to create a buzz using viral content and drive visitors to your website squeeze page using search, social, and influencer marketing.

2. Get Leads

Learn how to convert visitors into leads using the latest marketing automation techniques to drive the process and content to drive the engagement. 

3. Get Customers

Stop wasting time on cold prospects. Learn how to warm up your leads before you reach out for sales and maximise your conversion rate.

Who's it for?


Whether you're a blogger or a freelancer, use digital marketing the right way to bring business to you.


Looking for your first customer? Or your 500th? Use proven techniques to grow your business.

Established Businesses

Don't leave lead generation to chance. Grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. 

Here's the BRUTAL TRUTH about Digital Marketing most business owners don't get told

Daren Cox Digital Business Coach

A lot of business owners I meet believe that if they build a website or blog, customers will come ...

If only it were that easy ... 

If you're serious about using your website and digital marketing to generate leads that convert into customers, you need to get beyond the "hope marketing" vanity metrics like "traffic" and "clicks" and start thinking about your website as a business tool that generates real leads and real customers.


Get Leads

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