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Welcome to the digital business services and blog of Daren Cox. I'm an experienced technology and marketing expert specializing in sales and marketing automation, chatbot design and digital strategy.


Need a digital business expert you can trust? I'm ready.
  • Standalone Sales Funnels

    Automate and professionalise your sales processes for improved revenue projection and forecasting. 

    • Standalone sales funnels
    • Online checkouts
    • Upsells, down sells and bumps
  • Marketing Automation & CRM

    Take your lead generation to the next level by automating the processes that deliver quality leads and prospects.

    • Marketing Automation systems
    • Client Relationship Management
    • Lead generation and qualification
  • Chatbot Marketing

    Chatbots can increase lead generation by 30x-50x times vs 'old-fashioned' landing pages, no modern business can afford to ignore them. 

    • Chatbot creation and support
    • Click-to-Messenger Facebook ads
    • App integration via zapier
  • Digital Strategy & Coaching

    Whether you're a startup or an established business, if you're looking to upgrade or implement a new digital business, drop me a message today.

    • 1-on-1 digital business coaching
    • Group coaching
    • Digital strategy


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Need a digital business expert you can trust? I'm ready.

If you're looking for an awesome, knowledgeable person to advise you in your business on all things digital, Daren is the person I highly recommend. Since taking his coaching services, I've secured speaking slots with the Bank of England, high-profile AI conferences, become a Forbes contributor and substantially increased my consulting rates. 

- Charles Radclyffe
Innovation Specialist | Forbes Contributor | Digital Ethicist | TEDx speaker

Daren helped us professionalize our sales and marketing efforts with a new CRM and marketing automation system by SharpSpring. Since retaining Daren, I've got a much clearer view of our sales pipeline and as a result been able to make changes to the organization that have grown our revenues by 175% in the current financial year. Spectacular ROI! 

- Amir Hashmi
CEO zsah Limited, Cloud & Managed Technology Services

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What is it you're offering?

Digital coaching, strategy, sales, marketing automation and chatbot build services.

Suitable for all company types from solopreneurs to small and medium-sized organizations anywhere in the world, examples being:

  • Real estate brokers
  • E-commerce stores
  • Finance companies
  • Professional services
  • Restaurants
  • Car dealers
  • Healthcare services
  • Fitness and wellness services
  • Event organisers
  • Bricks and mortar stores and services
  • Building contractors
  • Finance companies
  • Professional services
  • Technology services
  • The list goes on!

If you're ready for an initial consultation to take things forward, you can apply here now.

How much do your services cost?

Great question! 

I don't provide one size fits all service, but ballpark figures are as follows: 

  • Chatbot builds start at £2000, ongoing chatbot support, training and licenses start at £250 per month
  • CRM Sales and Marketing automation systems setup start at £2000, ongoing support and licenses start at £500 per month 
  • Coaching and strategy sessions (1-on-1) start at £1500 per month (weekly sessions)
  • Group coaching and strategy sessions start at £1000 per month (per participant, minimum 2 people, weekly sessions)

Whatever you need, once you've decided to proceed, you'll need to book an initial consultation.


Due to high demand, I only take on a couple of new clients per month.

If I am booked out, you are welcome to join my waiting list until a free slot comes up and get access to my FREE content in the meantime. 

Can we meet up in person?

I'm based in Cornwall, in the far west of the UK, but work with people and companies from all over the world, especially in the USA, so don't let it hold you back if you are based in another country. 

I rarely get to visit my clients outside of a GotoMeeting or Skype call and, for all but the most complex of projects, it's not necessary. 

How can I contact you?

If you need to contact me, please leave an old-school message here, or via my bot and I'll get right back. 

What technologies do you use?

I'm comfortable with a range of chatbot, sales and marketing automation technologies. 

You can see what a typical technology stack I recommend on my resources page here

How can I get hold of your FREE stuff?

Just subscribe via my bot here